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St. Joseph Higher Secondary School is a religious minority educational institution established by the Catholic Church under the Arch diocess of Imphal by the Arch Bishop of Imphal carry out the day to day administration of the school. It caters primaraliy to the Catholic community but others are also admitted depending on the availability of the seats. The School was started in the year 1982 by Late Rev. Fr. Mathew Planthottam. The school had its first class X batch in 1990 which produced a good result with 8th ranks. Father Mathew Planthottam was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Barbasino in 1992. Since its existence in 1982 there were 10 Principals namely Fr. Methew,Fr. Babasino, Fr. Tomy, Fr. Raffi, Fr.Mundoli, Fr. KD Joy, Fr. CM Joseph, Fr. Sabu, Fr. Jiten And Rrev. Fr. Victor Amul.


The school recognizes the vast potentialities and talents in one’s faculties of mind and body tries to bring out and develop them in a balanced manner. The vision of the school is integral and personalized education of the youth through a blend of faith and culture to become persons of right principles who will strive after excellence in every field and through selfless service bring about social justice. To achieve this, St. Peter’s Higher Secondary School will make every effort to help the students

To live and make a harmonious blend of faith and culture.

To become men and women of right principles and values.

To strive continually after excellence in every field.

To be selfless in the service of their fellow men in order to bring about social justice and to make education more relevant, practical and useful for life.


We follow a distinctive educational philosophy and method to equip the young people with all skill needed for their insertion into world of work:

Preferential option for young people who are less privileged.

A balanced blending of culture, religion, science, education, technology, professional ethics and integrity of life.

A family atmosphere in the campus characterized by the accompanying presence of educators among and with the students.

An educative style based on reason, religion and loving kindness.

Special attention to the formation of educators.

Focus on quality education through of research mentality and use of technology.


School hour are from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Students must arrive at the School premises at 8.45 am. Students, once they reach the school, are expected to go to their respective classes and study before morning assembly. Regularity and punctuality and demanded of all the students.

Students must attend the school from the opening day till the last day of the scholastic year.

When the student are absent from the class, they need to meet the Principal/Vice Principal before entering the class.

A student should have at least 85% of attendance to appear in the Council Examination.

A pupil who has been absent for more than 3 days at a stretch because of illness is expected to produce a doctor’s certificate before returning to school.

Absence without leave for a week or more could be considered as the withdrawal of the pupil from the school and the student’s name could be struck off the rolls.

Appropriate fine may be imposed, if the student, on their own, absent from the school.

Student who have to leave from the school during class hours must get the Principal/Vice Principal’s permission.


BOYS: Smoke grey pants, white shirt, black laced uniform shoes, black shocks, school belt, neck tie and badge.

GIRLS: Smoke grey phanek (Mekhala), white shirt, black laced uniform shoes, black shocks, school belt, neck tie and badge, Smoke grey rappers on school banian day.

Maron Blazer or sweater (in winter for both boys and girls).

School banian, belt, neck tie and badge are available at the school counter.

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