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The 澳门六合彩开奖现场直播 is open. Open to new ideas that broaden our perspectives. Open to every visitor, from the curious to the lifelong learner. Open to new possibilities discovered through art.

Showcasing ancient artistry and modern masterpieces, local legends and global visionaries, our renowned collection of nearly 500,000 works tells the story of the human experience鈥攁 story that holds unique meaning for everyone. We welcome diverse perspectives, both within the artwork and among our visitors.

Where many worldviews meet, new ways of seeing, thinking, and understanding emerge. The conversations we inspire bring people together鈥攔evealing connections, exploring differences, and creating a community where all belong.

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Unidentified artist, mummy mask of a woman (detail), Egyptian, Roman imperial period, 101鈥200 AD. Painted plaster with gold leaf. Florence E. and Horace L. Mayer Fund.

Unidentified artist, colossal statue of King Menkaura (Mycerinus) (detail), Egyptian, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4, rein of Menkaura, 2490鈥72 BCE. Travertine (Egyptian alabaster). Harvard University鈥揃oston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition.

Lo茂s Mailou Jones, Ubi Girl from Tai Region (detail), 1972. Acrylic on canvas. Gift of the Lo茂s Mailou Jones Pierre-No毛l Trust. 漏 Lo茂s Mailou Jones Pierre-No毛l Trust.

A. Ellis, Mr. Tiffen of East Kingston, New Hampshire (detail), about 1820. Oil on panel. Gift of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch.

Unidentified artist, portrait mask (detail), Olmec, Middle Formative period, 900鈥600 BCE. Jadeite with black inclusions. Gift of Landon T. Clay.

Marie Louise Elisabeth Vig茅e-Le Brun, Portrait of a Young Woman (detail), about 1797. Oil on canvas. Robert Dawson Evans Collection.

Dihl et Gu茅rhard Manufactory, after Charles-Gabriel Sauvage Lemire, Child Reading, about 1975. Hard-paste biscuit porcelain. Bequest of Forsyth Wickes鈥擳he Forsyth Wickes Collection.

Tateishi Harumi, Clover (detail), 1934. Panel; ink and color on paper. Keith McLeod Fund.

Unidentified artist, statue of Athena Parthenos (the Virgin Goddess) (detail), Roman, imperial period, 2nd or 3rd century CE. Marble from Mt. Pentelikon near Athens. Classical Department Exchange Fund.

Unidentified artist, mummy mask (detail), Egyptian, Roman imperial period, 1鈥50 CE. Painted and gilded cartonnage, inlaid glass. Gift of Lucien Viola, Horace L. and Florence E. Mayer Fund, Helen and Alice Colburn Fund, Marilyn M. Simpson Fund, William Francis Warden Fund, and William Stevenson Smith Fund.

Erich Heckel, Portrait of a Man (Self-Portrait) (detail), 1919. Color woodcut. Bequest of W. G. Russell Allen. 漏 Erich Heckel Estate, D-78343 Hemmenhofen.

Unidentified artist, head of a woman (detail), Roman, imperial period, 100鈥125 AD. Marble, probably from the Greek island of Paros. Gift of Samuel and Edward Merrin and Museum purchase with funds by exchange from the Benjamin and Lucy Rowland Collection and a Gift of Barbara Deering Danielson, and the William Francis Warden Fund.

Lo茂s Mailou Jones, Negro Student, 1934. Charcoal on paper. Gift of the Lo茂s Mailou Jones Pierre-No毛l Trust. 漏 Lo茂s Mailou Jones Pierre-No毛l Trust.

Lotte Jacobi, Lotte Lenya Berlin (detail), about 1928. Gelatin silver print. Sophie M. Friedman Fund. University of New Hampshire. Used with permission.

Vincent van Gogh, Postman Joseph Roulin (detail), 1888. Oil on canvas. Gift of Robert Treat Paine, 2nd.

Sekino Jun鈥檌chir艒, Portrait of Kabuki Actor Nakamura Kichiemon (detail), Japanese, Sh艒wa era, 1947 (Sh艒wa 22). Woodblock print; ink and color on paper. Gift of Robert Treat Paine Jr. through Mrs. Robert Treat Paine Jr. Reproduced with permission.

William Matthew Prior, Three Sisters of the Copeland Family (detail), 1854. Oil on canvas. Bequest of Martha C. Karolik for the M. and M. Karolik Collection of American Paintings, 1815鈥65.

Attributed to Emperor Huizong, court ladies preparing newly woven silk (detail), Chinese, Northern Song dynasty, early 12th century. Ink, color, and gold on silk. Chinese and Japanese Special Fund.

Ellen Day Hale, Self Portrait (detail), 1885. Oil on canvas. Gift of Nancy Hale Bowers.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Bocca Baciata (Lips that Have Been Kissed) (detail), 1859. Oil on panel. Gift of James Lawrence.

Students in the South and Southeast Asian Art Gallery, 176.

Archibald Motley, Cocktails (detail), about 1926. Oil on canvas. The John Axelrod Collection鈥擣rank B. Bemis Fund, Charles H. Bayley Fund, and The Heritage Fund for a Diverse Collection. 漏 Valerie Gerrard Browne.

Mary Stevenson Cassatt, In the Loge (detail), 1878. Oil on canvas.

澳门六合彩开奖现场直播ors in 鈥淲omen Take the Floor.鈥 Caitlin Cunningham Photography.

澳门六合彩开奖现场直播ors in 鈥淐ommunity Arts Initiative: Building with Light.鈥 Tony Rinaldo.

A visitor in 鈥淕ender Bending Fashion.鈥 Caitlin Cunningham Photography.

澳门六合彩开奖现场直播ors drawing in the galleries. Tony Rinaldo.

Norval Morrisseau, Bear Father, Bear Son (detail), 1989. Acrylic on canvas. The Betty Mayland Ellis Fund for Canadian Paintings. Authentication and Permission granted by the Estate of Norval Morrisseau. OfficialMorrisseau.com

A visitor in 鈥淭ouching Roots: Black Ancestral Legacies in the Americas.鈥

Artist Evelyn Vanderhoop dances with her Raven鈥檚 Tail robe in the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art. 漏 Bernadette Jarrad.

Kehinde Wiley, John, 1st Baron Byron (detail), 2013. Oil on canvas. Juliana Cheney Edwards Collection, The Heritage Fund for a Diverse Collection and funds donated by Stephen Borkowski in honor of Jason Collins. 漏 Kehinde Wiley Studio.

澳门六合彩开奖现场直播ors in the Calderwood Family Courtyard. Michael Blanchard Photography.

澳门六合彩开奖现场直播ors in the Shapiro Family Courtyard. Caitlin Cunningham Photography.